You can optimise the Google my business page based on the region, services and labels that can be used by your fellow audience to reach out. (Tip: You can use Google Keywords tool to know the volume of the search keyword and competition and choose a few of them.)

In my case study, I have usually noticed that these few tricks do help a lot to get the better grip on the engagements in GMB.

  1. Posting regularly : One of the good thing to do is to remind your audience base is that your services are different and varying. Customer experience and latest updates. I usually post it regularly by linking the page either to the website or to their social media page (For me it depends on the goal that I target).
  2. Use CTAs on each post : Whether you want your customer to visit a page, or place a booking or a call, that button right below the post is vital. That conveys the best what you want your viewers to do once they see your post. So use CTAs on the posts to communicate efficiently.
  3. Optimise the labels : The better the labels, more can they affect the quality of your audience, their engagements and many more.
  4. Link your post to your goal: It always help your viewers to go about what you want that post to do. Whether, you want them to see a post, book a table, to call you or simply take them to your website.

This way with time you can create a qualitative pool of content with better engagements. 😊

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