Except for the Google Maps URLs, all the other Google Maps Platform APIs and SDKs send APIs with the calls. They can be generated through the Google Cloud Console and they act as unique identifiers that authenticate the calls you make to Google Maps Platform and ensure they are billed to the correct account. These APIs are the primary way we authenticate teh access to the Google Maps Platform APIs and SDKs.

Now how does Google Maps secure these APIs ?


By restricting your API keys, Google helps ensure your Google Maps Platform account is secure. Just like the keys to your apartment, it’s important to protect them to make sure they can only be used by the people and in the way you want. It’s strongly recommended that you restrict your API keys when you generate them in the Google Cloud console. You can always change the restrictions later if you need to.

API KEY RESTRICTIONS are settings to apply on an API key to limit its application, APIs and SDKs can be used with that key. For example, you can specify that an API key can only be used to make calls from an Android app that calls the Geocoding API from a server with an IP address that matches the server your backend service is running on.

Following are the types of API key restrictions available in Google?

  1. HTTP referrers: It restricts usage to one or more URLs and is intended for keys that are used in websites and web apps. This type of restriction allows you to set restrictions to a specific domain, page or set of pages in your website.
  2. IP addresses : It restricts usage to one or more IP addresses, and are intended for securing keys used in server-side requests, such as calls from web servers and cron jobs.
  3. Android app restriction: restricts usage to calls from an Android app with a specified package name.
  4. iOS app restriction: restricts usage to calls from an iOS app with a specified bundle identifier.

These API restrictions limit usage of the API key to one or more APIs or SDKs.

You can get more details on how to generate and restrict the API keys for Google Maps Platform :

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