The work of digital marketing is quite dynamic in nature. It’s changing for the betterment of each and every moment. Even about a decade back, we got Facebook and the concept of it was “socializing”. However, by the 20s, it has increased its ambit from just socializing to way more.

The platform expanded its scope of socializing for fun to socializing for profits. The business started growing with time and more than anything they started connecting with their customers. How was that possible so dynamically. In one word it’s AI.

The way Facebook works is totally algorithm-based. The way we connect, we engage, we post, we schedule a post, we promote a page/post/event or anything its all supported because we are relying on technology and Artificial Intelligence.

The extensive influence of AI in digital marketing shows incredibly the significance of the innovative modern marketing sphere. As we have almost covered 2020, the AI challenges gradually will pose to the digital world.

The optimization of the dynamic changes in AI trends is proved to be a smart marketing strategy. It focuses more on the achievement of the ultimate goals by driving the potential efforts to incorporate such systems. But the journey to an AI-assisted success sometimes slows down by the constantly changing AI environment.

The quality-driven data is slowly growing narrow. The importance of quality data is needed in improving the marketing approach and boosting overall sales. However, data scarcity has become one of the major blockages for the AI to strike its highest production levels. Various AI projects lose their practicality due to the inaccurate and poor quality of data.

One of the points that I believe really strongly that the digital world is more of capital extensive rather than labor extensive. AI-based technologies have posed a major threat to skilled labor. In contrast to humans, machines don’t require breaks, leaves, or refreshments. Organizations should focus on figuring out how to utilize AI and make changes accordingly. Companies should incorporate AI to remain competitive, and laborers need to upgrade their skill set to retain employment.

As a sum up, AI is a threat for digital marketers, but we as digital marketers we need to pace up with the advancements & developments of AI. We need to upgrade from time to time and move towards attaining a better goal and achievements.

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