Google comes out with various cool features. I dont know which features will you like the most but I find a few posts quite cool and helpful.

  1. The Suggest as an Edit: Every business has a business listing, but its tough for them to understand whether the customer can find your business listing with utmost convenience or facing difficulty in locating you. The suggest an edit feature allows the customer to place suggestions, based on which the listings can be checked out and corrected properly.
  2. The Reviews: The reviews of the business makes it easier to understand the performance of the business. Obviously, the better the reviews, the better will its performance set the fire.
  3. The Get to directions: Leads you to directly follow the directions.
  4. Messaging: The Messages enables the customers to message the business. directly.
  5. The 360-degree rotation enables rotatory video compilations making it easy to see.
  6. Insights: it gets the best insights into the platforms
  7. Finding the best and relevant suggestions.
  8. Location sharing & editing: You can edit and share your address anytime with the help of any platform.

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