Whenever I update the content on a webpage, I make sure to use this plugin for WordPress. You can download it from here. This helps you to monitor the present status of the content. Based on that, you can check on the following:

  1. Plagiarism: Plagiarism indicates when your content is either copied or duplicated. When such issues arise you can check it through the various tools out there such as small seo tools plagiarism checker.
  2. Active – passive voice : Active-passive voice in the content should be content optimised. As per the WordPress Yoast SEO plugin criteria around 14% passive voice is the deadline. Anything more than this isnt okay.
  3. Internal linkings: The internal links going to the website should also be original content.
  4. External linkings: The external links should be no-follow content.
  5. Quality backlinks: Backlinks are the links that bring your traffic to your website from other websites and directories.

Once the copy is finally prepared, audit the content, and once things seem fine it’s good to go! You can also get a full assistance on the content from SEMRUSH Content Marketing Toolkit.

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